- Entry fees

Admission fee

  • Tickets for each of the tour sites A, B and C
    • Adults 60 CZK
    • Children, seniors and students 30 CZK
    • Family ticket (2 adults + 2–4 children ) 150 CZK

Visitors pay extra to visit these attractions:

  • The mining train ride between the Ševčín and the Vojtěch mines.
  • The water wheel in the Drkolnov mine.
  • Collecting mineralogical and geological samples on the Ševčín shaft slag heap.
  • The train ride down the Prokopius shaft of the Anna mine.
  • Wasserlauf, the water floor of the Anna mine.
  • The water wheel chamber in the underground of the Anna mine.
  • The water tunnel in the Anna mine.
  • The  historical forge in the Vojtěch mine.
  • Each of the other individual exhibitions located within the tour sites A, B, C.
  • A discount is available for holders of ISIC, ITIC or IYTC, EURO <26 and EUROBEDS cards.
  • Ticket Multi vouchers, Ticket Sport & Culture vouchers, Ticket Compliments, Cadhoc, Unisek+
  • Free for the holdem of the AMG, ICOM, DMF and Deutscher Museumsbund passes are accepted.