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Tour site B "The Anna Mine" comprises the area of the Anna Mine, which was opened in 1789. The tour begins in the Anna Mine registry building. This building houses an exhibition dealing with mining and the processing of minerals.

Cáchovna dolu Anna

You can enter the underground from the registry building or directly from the courtyard outside and take a little mining train along the 260 m (yard)-long Prokop Shaft. Carved in 1832, this is one of the deepest shafts of the Březové Hory mining precinct. The Prokop Shaft reaches a depth of 1600 m (5250 feet) and is one of the deepest shafts in Central Europe. There is an exhibition of historical mining methods in the Prokop Shaft.

The tour continues with a visit to the engine room of the Anna Mine. The engine room features one of the most valuable exhibits in the Březové Hory Mining Museum, the Breitfeld & Daněk mining steam engine from 1914.

Parní těžní stroj ve strojovně dolu Anna
Parní těžní stroj Breitfeld-Daněk z roku 1914

Then the tour proceeds into the lowest floor of the Anna Mine registry building, from where a special elevator device will take the visitor down the pit. Wasserlauf, the "water floor", is a historical underground precinct which was built gradually from the 16th until the 19th century as part of a water system intended to power the mining and mineral processing machinery. The Anna Mine is connected to the Vojtěch Mine by a 750 m (2600 feet)-long underground passageway. The passageway partially consists of metal grids placed above the floor of the corridor. In parts of the passageway, water flows under the grids. The visitor will be able to see unique water wheel chambers, historical extraction sites and ore chimneys. The tour is somewhat physically demanding. The visitor will be required to climb 156 steps at the exit from the underground.

The third part of the tour consists of a visit to a unique water wheel chamber, which used to power the mining machines in the 19th century. The chamber contains a well-preserved fragment of the wheel shaft. The visitor will enter these underground areas by travelling by a lift, just as in the case of accessing the Wasserlauf. The route is approximately 300 feet long and when covering it in both directions, the visitor will be expected to negotiate 60 steps.

Wasserlauf - komora vodního kola - zbytek hřídele
Cáchovna dolu Anna s výtahem do podzemí - vodního patra

The Mining Museum Příbram gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Příbram District Bureau of Mines and especially the cooperation of DIAMO state enterprise, which has generously and in a highly-professional manner carried out the conservation of old mines, thus preserving this heritage of European and global importance for future generations.