- Museum excursions

Guided Tour A:

  • Tour of the labour camp area with restored periodic buildings of the Former Commander's Office, the Punitive Cell called „bunkr“, Medical Surgery, House of Culture, Residential Building G and other buildings.
  • The exhibition in the Commander's Headquarters features persecution after the 1948 communist takeover and the Third Czechoslovak Resistance. Sculptures by Jiří Sozanský located outside the buildings depict human beings under the pressure of totalitarian power.

Guided Tour B:

  • Permanent exhibition „Uranium in Czech History“ features the development of uranium mining during the past two centuries and its impact on science, technology and society in the Czech lands.
  • The mining train ride (300 m).

Guided Tour C:

  • The „Orbis Pictus: Europa“ Gallery features contemporary European visual arts and the so-called „Unending Canvas“, which is placed in the former New Kitchen building.